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    Broadway Video 1984 Special Effects

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  • Broadway Video


    Mr. and Mrs. Magritte is a music video produced for Paul Simon. It represents the collaborative effort of Broadway Video personnel utilizing the Quantel Mirage and Paintbox, and state-of-the-art editing techniques.


    HARDWARE: Quantel Mirage and Paintbox, HP A700, COL-480
    video switchers


    SOFTWARE DEVELOPER: The majority of the software was developed
    in-house, including B-Spline surface and superquadric programs. All software is written in PASCAL.

Additional Contributors:

    Mirage programming: Eric Hoffert, Maury Rosenfeld, Lorene Lavora
    Mr. and Mrs. Magritte directed by: Joan Logue
    Produced at: Broadway Video, New York, New York 1984

Additional Information:

    Format: 2:30; 1″; sound

Animation / Video Overview: