“Video Wallpaper I” by DeWitt, Etra, Sanborn, Sorensen and Winkler

  • ©Tom DeWitt, Bill Etra, John Sanborn, Vibeke Sorensen, and Dean M. Winkler  VCA Teletronics



    Video Wallpaper I


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • VCA Teletronics


    Video Wallpaper I was commissioned by Teletronics, a company that distributes video to rock and roll nightclubs. It is designed to be part of an environment, and works best when accompanied by music.


    HARDWARE: Teletronics’ Edit C


    SOFTWARE DEVELOPER: Teletronics’ Edit C

Additional Contributors:

    Video by: Tom DeWitt, Bill Etra, John Sanborn, Vibeke Sorensen, Dean Winkler
    Produced at: VCA Teletronics, New York, New York 1984

Additional Information:

    Format: 3:00; 1″; sound

    Technical notes:
    After a basic color sequence was established, the
    wallpaper was built in layers. Each layer was
    created in real time with the participants
    “jamming” with various control functions. While
    layering, digital image processing was added to
    trail and blend images together.

Animation / Video Overview: