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    The laser system for SIGGRAPH ’84 consists of two parts. The electronic imaging half consists of two independent 68000 processors (host and display) which interact with the user, manipulate and send data to the optical half. The optical half consists of a 4 watt krypton laser, color and intensity optical elements, and XY galvanometric scanning devices.

    The images generated and projected by the system are in real time. They are created by scanning the laser beam rapidly enough on the screen, such that the termination of the beam on the screen, a dot of light, appears to be a line due to persistence of vision. To create the cohesive presentation at SIGGRAPH ’84, each “frame” of imagery (X, Y, Z and color coordinates) was conceived, created and stored in its proper sequence in advance.

    Also being demonstrated is Laser Fantasy’s latest development, laser video, where the laser beam is deflected at very high speeds in either the standard (15.75 KHz raster) or the high speed vector mode. These images can be processed like standard video. Laser video has the attractive capability of projecting extremely large displays (sometimes miles across) on buildings, clouds, cliffs, mountains, etc.

Additional Contributors:

    Floyd Rollefstad, Steve Heminover, Bob Mueller
    Produced at: SIGGRAPH ’84 electronic theater

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    Format: 4:00; live, digital laser performance

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