SIGGRAPH Asia 2020: Untitled & Untied


Art Show Overview:

SIGGRAPH Asia 2020 Art Gallery will showcase works in two parts:

  • An Invited Exhibition by Art Center Nabi, Post-Algorithm: Art and life in the age of Artificial Intelligence
  • Art Gallery Theme: Untitled & Untied

Invited Exhibition by Art Center Nabi
Post-Algorithm: Art and life in the age of Artificial Intelligence

It is with great honor to be part of SIGGRAPH Asia 2020, in line with commemorating the 20th Anniversary of Art Center Nabi. I believe this meaningful event will celebrate a feast of creativity and ingenuity. For Art Gallery’s curated session, it will encompass the theme of ‘Post-Algorithm’.

They call it ‘error’, the random component, in stochastic processes. Algorithm was invented in order to kill it, thereby achieving precise predictions. From the attack of missiles to the recommendation of our choice music, algorithm was developed to better command and control the world around us. Recent developments in neural network algorithms enable us to achieve some super-human level of intelligence in the realm of pattern recognition. At a rate faster than we ever imagined these pattern recognition algorithms dictate not only what we see, hear and think, but what we like, follow and believe.

We call it ‘art’, that error term, in the mathematical model of the world. By nature art resists programming, be it social or technological. By re-thinking, re-shaping, re-purposing and re-presenting what is given, art constantly pursues what lies outside the box. The opposite of art is a life that is homogenous and conforming, yet formless and disorderly, and in the end unrealized and meaningless. We can overcome this state of stupor by ascertaining the subjective capabilities dwelling in each and every one of us and projecting to the world what is inside of us: by becoming creators.

Media artists working with AI is a case in point. They first learn the new technology, apply it, play with it, and understand its strengths and limits. They use the technology as a tool, not as a purpose. These artists point to a future of post-algorithmic society where technology serves humanity, not vice versa.

Soh Yeong Roh (Director, Art Center Nabi)

Art Gallery Theme: Untitled & Untied

We seek for the unique vision of artists. This year, the curated session of Art Gallery will be organized by Art Center Nabi, the mainstream platform for creation of media art. Along with the curated session, the submitted session will also be organized, attracting more artists to participate in the event. We hope that Art Gallery serves as a place for artists to share and voice out various opinions. To this end, we plan to select more artworks compared to the previous Art Galleries. The submitted session consists of three programs: Installation, Generative Art Printing, and Open Projection Mapping. Please submit your work under the appropriate categories according to the format and purpose of your artwork.

Jin Wan Park (Chung-Ang University, Seoul, Korea)


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