Chenwei Chiang: “Mobile” Device

  • ©, Chenwei Chiang



    "Mobile" Device



Artist Statement:

    This work invites viewers to see the world through a machine’s perspective. People are accustomed to seeing the world through an anthropocentric viewpoint and create things accordingly. What will it be like if machines are creating things through their perspective? Created by the Mechanical Creator, what are the challenges this group of mechanical life forms is facing for survival? How do they live within and adapt to the environment? We know that hermit crabs are using human trash as their shells. What would the mechanical life forms do when they are interacting with their living environment?

Technical Information:

    The dimensions of the work is adjustable according the conditions of the exhibition site. This work consists of twenty robots and two platforms. The robots, whose legs are made by driftwoods, can be controlled by the audiences through their smartphones. The dimension of the major platform is 400 cm (length) x 400 cm (width) x 30 cm (height). The robots are moving on top of the platform with power supplies hide beneath it. The dimension of another platform is 70 cm (length) x 70 cm (width) x 100 cm (height). It is designed for the audiences to place their smartphones when they are interacting with the robots. They will be able to control the robots after using their smartphones to call the number shown on the platform.

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