Sang Wook Lee: Futility

  • ©, Sang Wook Lee

  • ©, Sang Wook Lee






Artist Statement:

    The author noted the surrounding environment for creating gentrification using art in Munrae-dong. The author wanted to express the author’s view of the situation in Munrae-dong, where gentrification is taking place, and the image of the person be used and consumed in this situation through partial visualization of four-dimensional space.

    The author is interested in the four dimensions in which space and time merge into a single concept and is studying the visualization of four-dimensional space that people cannot see. According to scientific theory, the physical form we have is the form in the tertiary circle space, and when we enter the fourth dimension, we have a completely different form. And when we interpret the four-dimensional space, our actions are all fixed and we live in the name of the present without recognizing it. In accepting these theories, the author is studying our actions, which are determined within four dimensions.

Technical Information:

    This work uses infrared sensors to recognize the participants in the work and to change the graphics of the participants in the work recognized by the sensors.

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