Firdaus Khalid: Love: Greatest Mystery Of Life

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    Love: Greatest Mystery Of Life



Artist Statement:

    The greatest mystery of life comes when you’re least expecting it and disappears when you thought it is here to stay. The heat that ignites it at the beginning is doused by the intimacy it creates. That, my friend, is what we call LOVE.

Process Information:

    Conceptually, it could have been visually crafted as organic as a picture of two people in love. But thinking deeper into the idea of love, it is more emotionally linked to the sensual feeling that reaches to touch our hearts.

    Technically, I find that drawing traditionally with a canvas and paint & digitally with software to be the everyday norm. Whereas when one moves our hands within the audacity of the virtual reality environment, the creation far surpasses expectations as it opens up a different kind of canvas much akin to something almost.. magical.

    The biggest challenge when creating this project was the learning process. Not the learning process technically, as I am well trained in virtual reality art. But more into the learning process of conveying the idea into a space with no limitations. When one thinks of drawing from an ideation towards an empty canvas was a task by itself, now imagine that particular moment but creating something out of mid-air of nothingness!

    My behind the scene story of this is quite simple, yet quite poignant.

    The idea came on a still silent night when I was about to go to bed, when I saw both my wife and baby boy sleeping so soundly and safe within our home. That moment was just filled with love in heart. I can imagine this was how my parents saw me sleeping when I was a baby myself and how that would have similar lovely feelings for them too.

Other Information:

    Inspiration Behind the Project

    This project was inspired by the love of my family.

    It reminds me of the time when I first know my parents.

    The first time I met my siblings one at a time.

    The first time I fell in love with my wife.

    And the first time I’m in love so much with my baby boy.

    The motive of this project is to show just how far one would do for love, hence how it has become life’s greatest mystery of pushing someone to do even more for someone else.

    Key Takeaways for the Audience

    If you are reading this, it means that you are in the moment where you are in your most comfort.

    Everything you love is all around you, whether you know it or not.

    Do not let yourself forget this moment, look at them, and start to appreciate and cherish the moment that you now have with them.

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