Xiyuan Zhang: Healing 2077

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    Healing 2077



Artist Statement:


    This work is a conceptual design image content which tells the future world of scientific and technological progress through projection mapping visual art expression, and when human organs are constantly eroded, they are finally cured through the intervention of electronic pills.


    Nowadays, with the continuous progress of science and technology, the environment is getting worse, and human beings are beset by diseases. The human body is constantly suffering from pain, disease, and even life threat. When human body organs can’t meet our perfect requirements for perfection, perhaps an electronic pill can solve our troubles. This work attempts to present the visual art expression form of projection mapping in the future world of scientific and technological progress, and designs the image content with the concept that human organs are continuously eroded and finally cured through the intervention of electronic pills. The first part of the work shows the formation of human lung organs and the process when they are invaded by viruses outside the body. This part strives to present the reality of human organs and the fragile human body. The middle section describes that through the intervention of electronic pills, one lung is gradually deformed after being alienated by electronic technology to form an efficient and indestructible mechanical lobe, while the other lobe is continuously eroded by viruses without the intervention of electronic pills. At the end of the work, it presents the possibility of lung being repaired and cured constantly through the style of Cyberpunk.

    When the time comes to 2077, science and technology will continue to develop, and human beings will cure diseases and improve their body organs through electronic pills or electronic reagents. At that time, which is suitable for human beings? The perfect powerful mechanical organ or the fragile physical organ? Which is the better choice? The efficient, stable but cold electronic organ or the fragile but real flesh and blood? In the Cyberpunk world where intelligence is comparable to human brain, what on earth is human? Maybe 2077 is not in the future, it’s now. This work takes the artistic expression form of projection mapping as the carrier, and narrates the story content of the whole conceptual design. With the help of mapping, a special form of stereo visual effect, the original 2D image content becomes richer and fuller, which makes the viewer have visual shock and think. The content of the work is enriched by various elements, and the final work is presented by comparing the realistic style of realism with the non-realistic cyberpunk style.

Technical Information:

    The production of this work is divided into three parts. The first part is the manual production of solid model by using stone clay and the preliminary testing and debugging of projection content,at the same time 3D model production and model rendering are carried out through Maya software. In the second part,the special effect content and the final output image content are produced by AE software, and the projection image video is rendered by AME software. The third part is to arrange the projection scene and shoot the effect video of the final work.

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