Bruno Levy

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  • INRIA, Researcher


  • SIGGRAPH 2010

    Bruno Lévy is a researcher with INRIA. His main contribution concerns parameterization of triangulated surfaces (LSCM), and is now used by some 3D  modeling software (including Maya, Silo, Blender, Gocad and Catia). He obtained his Ph.D in 1999, and was hired by INRIA in 2000. Since 2004, he has  been leading Project ALICE – Geometry and Light, that aims at developing mathematical tools for next generation geometry processing. He served on the  committee of ACM SPM, IEEE SMI, ACM/EG SGP, IEEE Visualization, Eurographics, PG, ACM Siggraph, and was program co-chair of ACM SPM in 2007  and 2008, and will be program co-chair of SGP 2010. He was recently awarded a ”Starting Grant” from the European Research Council (3% acceptance, all disciplines of science).  

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