“Non-distorted texture mapping for sheared triangulated meshes” by Levy and Mallet

  • ©Bruno Levy and Jean-Laurent Mallet




    Non-distorted texture mapping for sheared triangulated meshes



    This article introduces new techniques for non-distorted texture mapping on complex triangulated meshes. Texture coordinates are assigned to the vertices of the triangulation by using an iterative optimization algorithm, honoring a set of constraints minimizing the distortions. As compared to other global optimization techniques, our method allows the user to specify the surface zones where distortions should be minimized in order of preference. The modular approach described in this paper results in a highly flexible method, facilitating a customized mapping construction. For instance, it is easy to align the texture on the surface with a set of user defined isoparametric curves. Moreover, the mapping can be made continuous through cuts, allowing to parametrize in one go complex cut surfaces. It is easy to specify other constraints to be honored by the so-constructed mappings, as soon as they can be expressed by linear (or linearizable) relations. This method has been integrated successfully within a widely used C.A.D. software dedicated to geosciences. In this context, applications of the method comprise numerical computations of physical properties stored in fine grids within texture space, unfolding geological layers and generating grids that are suitable for finite element analysis. The impact of the method could be also important for 3D paint systems.


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