“Mesh Parameterization: Theory and Practice” by Desbrun and Zhou

  • ©Mathieu Desbrun and Kun Zhou



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    Mesh Parameterization: Theory and Practice

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    Some prior exposure to mesh representation of geometric models and a basic knowledge of vector calculus, elementary linear algebra, and the fundamentals of computer graphics. A few lectures may also assume some familiarity with differential geometry, graph theory, and numerical optimization.

    Intended Audience
    Graduate students, researchers, and application developers who seek to understand and apply the concepts and technologies used in mesh parameterization.

    Mesh parameterization is a powerful geometry-processing tool with numerous computer graphics applications, from texture mapping to animation transfer. This course outlines its mathematical foundations, describes recent methods for parameterizing meshes over various domains, discusses emerging tools like global parameterization and inter-surface mapping, and demonstrates a variety of parameterization applications.


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