SIGGRAPH 2021: Posters

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    The SIGGRAPH Posters program is an interactive forum where students, researchers, artists, enthusiasts, and practitioners present the latest developments and ongoing research. Posters authors discuss their work, receive feedback, inspire and find inspiration from others, and network with researchers and industry professionals.

    No matter the core concept, the ideal Posters submission expresses a novel and applicable idea in a simple, concise, visually appealing manner. There is no need to have a completely finished and polished product as long as the foundation of the work is strong and demonstrative results and initial findings are presented.

    Accepted posters will be published in the ACM Digital Library. Additionally, a selection of posters will have their fast forward videos shown during the live technical papers sessions and their authors will be invited to participate to a joined panel.

    Poster categories are:

    Art & Design
    Augmented & Virtual Realities
    Image Processing & Computer Vision
    Modeling & Geometry
    Scientific Visualization
    Simulation & Animation
    User Interfaces & Systems

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