“Screenshots from Screen Photography” by Zhang and Li

  • ©Lvmin Zhang and Chengze Li

  • ©Lvmin Zhang and Chengze Li



Entry Number: 03


    Screenshots from Screen Photography



    Screenshot is a frequently used tool in our daily life, while the screenshot capturing techniques are not much discussed in computer graphics and image processing researches. Capturing a screenshot is not always as easy as it seems. Firstly, the target devices for screenshot capturing must have screenshot software installed or featured in their operating systems. Secondly, the users must have input access to control the screenshot software within the target devices. Thirdly, the target devices must have Internet access or other hardware interfaces (such as USB ports) so that the users can take their screenshots out. When these requirements are not met, people often need to use their smartphones to take photographs in front of the screens as a substitute of screenshots. This allows direct sharing of the screen content, but the fidelity of the obtained content is apparently not as good as software screenshots. Might we be able to achieve a computer graphic solution to directly convert a screen photography to a screenshot, which looks like as if it was taken using software?



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