“Animated Futurist Sculpting as Dynamic Implicit Shapes” by Vielma and Akleman

  • ©Pablo Vielma and Ergun Akleman

  • ©Pablo Vielma and Ergun Akleman

  • ©Pablo Vielma and Ergun Akleman

  • ©Pablo Vielma and Ergun Akleman



Entry Number: 15


    Animated Futurist Sculpting as Dynamic Implicit Shapes



    In this work, we present an approach to obtain futurist sculptures. Our approach is inspired by the works of Italian Futurist artists such as Umberto Boccioni. Futurism, as an art movement, aims to achieve to define forms that are a product of time but is permanent in space. In this work, we have developed a methodology to produce a set of futurist sculptures from any given animation of any object that is defined as a triangular mesh. Each produced futurist sculpture is a still frame of what can be rendered as a sculpture animation. Our method is based on the conversion of a given polygonal mesh and its motion into an implicit shape in 4D space which consists of 3-spatial and one temporal dimension. To create each specific futurist sculpture, we compute a subset of this 4D implicit shape in a given time interval. The resulting immersion of 4D structure into the 3D spatial domain provides us desired futurist sculpture for the given time interval. The most important aspect of our methodology is the conversion of animated polygonal mesh into a 4D implicit shape. We first convert a polygonal mesh into a set of particles. Each particle can have its own color. All the points that are closer to the trajectory of the particle form an implicitly defined swept volume [Kim et al. 2004]. These swept volumes appear to be similar to the extrusion of a circle along a curve, but they are guaranteed to be free of artifacts caused by intersections.



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