“WhiteStone: A Tangible interactive device for revitalizing Qiang language and culture” by Xu, Wu and Wu

  • ©Rao Xu, Lingze Wu, and Qin Wu



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    WhiteStone: A Tangible interactive device for revitalizing Qiang language and culture



    The Qiang is an ancient minority in western China. However, the number of people who can speak the Qiang language is decreasing due to a lack of written text. Although the protection of intangible cultural heritage has been widely discussed, there is still a dearth of interactive design for the Qiang people’s language and culture. This research aims to determine the efficacy of tangible interactive games to encourage Qiang people’s interest in learning the Qiang language and increase their cultural awareness. To better understand the current state and challenges of Qiang language and culture, we conducted a three-day field investigation in the Qiang villages. Based on the field study’s key findings, we created “WhiteStone,” a tangible interactive projection device based on the heroic epic of Qiang. This poster examines the design opportunities for tangible interactive games to revitalize the Qiang language and culture.



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