“Non-photorealistic ray tracing with paint and toon shading” by Moon, Reddy and Tychonievich

  • ©Nicholas Moon, Megan Reddy, and Luther Tychonievich

  • ©Nicholas Moon, Megan Reddy, and Luther Tychonievich



Entry Number: 40


    Non-photorealistic ray tracing with paint and toon shading



    We present a modification to traditional ray tracing that stylistically renders a scene with cartoon and painterly styles. Previous methods rely on post-processing, materials, or textures to achieve a non-photorealistic look. Our method uses a ray tracer to combine cel animation art styles with complex lighting effects, such as reflections, refractions, and global illumination. The ray tracer collects information about objects and their properties to dynamically switch between cartoon and painterly rendering styles. The renderer generates the styles by shooting additional rays for each pixel and collecting information such as normals, distance, slope, object identifiers, and light gradients from neighboring areas of the image. The resulting algorithm produces images with visual and artistic characteristics that allow artists to take advantage of rendering techniques that are not commonly supported in production ray tracers.



    We would like to thank our animation professor at the University of Virginia, Earl Mark, for his previous guidance. The model of the person was retrieved from free3d.com/3d-model/girl-blind- 703979.html


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