“Non-photorealistic Radiance Remapping” by Doi and Morimoto

  • ©Kohei Doi and Yuki Morimoto

  • ©Kohei Doi and Yuki Morimoto



Entry Number: 34


    Non-photorealistic Radiance Remapping



    We present a color mapping method that corresponds to intensity and considers the interaction of light among objects in a 3- dimensional scene. Previous methods that map color according to geometric specifications or a rendered result do not reproduce the interreflection of surrounding objects. Using a path tracer, the proposed method replaces the radiance with an arbitrary onedimensional texture in the sampled light transport path. The texture appearing on the object is calculated by a weighted average of the modified estimations. The proposed method can generate color variation in physically based intensity. It hence can reproduce physical events such as caustics or color bleeding while retaining the flexibility of rendering within a path tracing framework.



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