SIGGRAPH 2010: The Studio


    The Studio is the place for making and creating at SIGGRAPH 2010. Roll your sleeves up and get hands on in this three-ring circus of technological wonders. It is an amazing space where experts, attendees, and the latest technologies are brought together to create new works, experiment, and collaborate. Leave your old work behind, come to The Studio, and create something new.

    New Scheduled Activities in The Studio for 2010!

    Studio Workshops
    A series of in-depth workshops taught the best in the industry in our new 15 person classroom.

    Studio Presentations
    Take a behind-the-scenes look at Studio related technologies, artwork, and concepts.

    Digital Artistry Sessions
    Use Wacom tablets to integrate your creativity with digital technology.

    In the Studio, you’ll find technologies specifically set up for you to use and create with. Our experts make special arrangements with research labs, developers, universities, and vendors to provide access to technologies that are not easily accessible elsewhere. Attendees can experiment and create new works with large-format printing, motion capture, interactive music, the latest software suites, high-end computing workstations, laser scanning, and many new additions to The Studio.

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