“Pixilated People” by Gasek, Fielding, Cooper and Danque

  • ©Tom Gasek, John Fielding, Naomi Cooper, and Jordan Danque



    Pixilated People



    A short, animated, stop-motion, pixilated film featuring SIGGRAPH 2010 attendees in front of and behind the camera. Participants can sit and/or act frame-by-frame in front of a stop-motion camera. Dragon stop-motion software allows participants to register one human subject to the next, positioning the subject for placement and action poses behind the camera. Some human images are captured in front of a green screen so participants can watch the matting process in progress in the shooting area. The camera’s primary location is in The Studio, but it will also travel throughout the convention center. The final 90-second film featuring hundreds of SIGGRAPH 2010 attendees will be available online after the conference.

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