“Rapid Manufacturing and Processes” by Gayk, Collins, Penn, Mosher, Bortfeld, et al. …

  • ©Michael Gayk, Daniel (Dan) Collins, John William Penn, Matthew Mosher, Michael (Mike) Bortfeld, and Donald (Don) Vance



    Rapid Manufacturing and Processes



    Learn how to create three-dimensional objects with the newest computer-aided design software (Z-Brush and Rhino 3D) and computer-aided-manufacturing software such as Rhino CAM. Attendees work with hand-held 3D laser scanners to develop usable 3D data for virtual and tangible output, and instructors explain how to properly format data for 3D output. 3D printing output of your scanned and designed data will be handled by the latest technology, ranging from multi-jet, inkjet printing to fused deposition, film-transfer imaging and various open-source DIY machines.

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