“Motion Capture” by Garcia, McSheery, Yim, D’Andrea, Rudolph, et al. …

  • ©Milton Garcia, Tracy McSheery, Ketrina Yim, Greg D'Andrea, Dave Rudolph, Karen Baumgardner, Muhammad Bilal, Bryan E. Feldman, Jahnel Curfman, and Morgan Bowers


    Learn how to create animations using the Impulse Motion Capture System. This fun, hands-on, accelerated, step-by-step motion-capture process covers everything from selecting and mapping digital characters to directing the capture and selecting captures for final rendering. Edit suites are available to complete the production. PhaseSpace offers a preview of the new advanced vision system, a technology certain to set a new standard for high-quality, high-speed motion capture. Also available: the Magic Window, a new wireless virtual camera, currently a very hot topic in film production. The virtual camera allows the director to move around the set with ease and view the virtual scene from any angle in real time.

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