“Methods for Collaboration in Virtual Realms” by Voigt, Starrett and Baum

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  • ©Kimberly (Kim) Voigt, Courtney Starrett, and Jan Baum



    Methods for Collaboration in Virtual Realms



    The Communication Age has enabled dynamic exchange of information throughout the world. In education, the convergence of computers and media makes real-time exchange of ideas possible far beyond the traditional four walls of the classroom. Since the inception of the internet, resources have multiplied at unprecedented speeds, expanding information and communication opportunities to volumes beyond comprehension. Listserves, web sites, blogs, wikis, social networking, and virtual worlds are linking artists and providing opportunities to share images, concepts. and ideas from anywhere, at any time. This talk chronicles the experiences of several institutions, individuals, and educators who have embraced emerging communication technologies in the visual arts. It presents, compares, and contrasts faculty and student experiences, and explores several questions: What specifically has been done in various institutions around the globe to maximize the potential of communication technologies? How are students responding to the exchange of ideas and the expanded audiences in these virtual realms? What effect does anonymity have on peer-to-peer review of visual art?

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