“Wearables” by Lahey, Lovell, Pakhchyan and Cain-Ramirez

  • ©Byron Lahey, Emily Lovell, Syuzi Pakhchyan, and Chrissy Cain-Ramirez


    This area focuses on human-body-centered technologies used for creative expression, biofeedback, expanded sensory modalities, communication, and other purposes. Attendees can learn about wearable technology by exploring commercial, high-end research and do-it-yourself examples of wearables, and then make their own wearable projects with expert guidance. These projects utilize Arduino micro-controllers, a variety of sensors and actuators such as servo motors and RGB light-emitting diodes, inflatable plastic forms, and sophisticated folding structures. Projects are accessible to children and attendees with no electronics experience, but they also offer experienced technicians exciting challenges and creative opportunities.


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