“360-degree Autostereoscopic Display” by Ito, Kikuchi, Sakurai, Kobayashi, Yasunaga, et al. …

  • ©Katsuhisa Ito, Hiroki Kikuchi, Hisao Sakurai, Izushi Kobayashi, Hiroaki Yasunaga, Hidenori Mori, Kazutatsu Tokuyama, Hirotaka Ishikawa, Kengo Hayasaka, and Hiroyuki Yanagisawa


    A volumetric 3D display has been a motif in many science fiction movies, and is the very image of futuristic technology. We have developed a prototype 360-degree autostereoscopic display. This display allows us to view full-color volumetric objects from all angles, as if the objects really exist. This display uses special LED light sources, and it can show 360 unique images to all directions in one-degree separations. We can sense the depth of the displayed object, because our left and right eyes are seeing different images. No special 3D glasses are needed to see the 3D image.


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