“3D Multitouch : When Tactile Tables Meet Immersive Visualization Technologies” by Rivière, Kervégant, Dittlo, Courtois and Orvain

  • ©Jean-Baptiste de la Rivière, Cédric Kervégant, Nicolas Dittlo, Mathieu Courtois, and Emmanuel Orvain


Entry Number: 02


    3D Multitouch : When Tactile Tables Meet Immersive Visualization Technologies



    Multitouch tactile input, while having been in the research labs for quite some time, is just reaching the general public through well-known interfaces like mobile phones or multitouch tables. The technology, when used in the right context in the right way, is known to provide an intuitive manipulation of the synthetic – mostly 2D – content that is displayed on its surface.

    Likewise, means to display stereoscopic images are known for decades now, but are just beginning to be understood and accepted by the general public thanks to very well received movies and all the announcements around the soon to be released 3D television. When rendered properly, stereoscopic displays indeed offer a huge sense of depth to previously flat images. Furthermore, combining stereo rendering with viewpoint tracking definitely provides an immersive visualization of 3D models.

    The combination of the two technologies introduces specific constraints that have not yet been dealt with nor extensively studied. We therefore propose to demonstrate our current two-user multiview multitouch table prototype, letting the attendees experience the new issues and experiment with our preliminary developments.


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