Christopher (Chris) Evans

Most Recent Affiliation(s):

  • Crytek GmbH, Epic Games, Art Technical Director


  • SIGGRAPH 2014

    Chris is the Art Technical Director at Crytek, responsible for art and animation technology and pipeline. Chris was Lead Technical Artist on Crysis, where he was responsible for ‘bridging the gap’ between R&D and the game team, rigging, firefighting, and pushing art technology.

    Chris’ passion has always been for characters and rigging, a rabbit hole he followed all the way to Industrial Light + Magic, where he was a Creature Technical Director on multiple films, including James Cameron’s Avatar.

    Rejoining Crytek as Art Technical Director of the Frankfurt studio, he focused on Crysis 2, while spearheading ‘CINEBOX’, a small internal team focused on re-purposing the CryENGINE for film previs and virtual production. Chris was embedded in the Ryse team from the beginning, where he pushed to build next-generation technologies and pipelines, while still being able to get his hands dirty in the process.  

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