“Process” by Lahey, Asay, Berg, Borchetta, Brock, et al. …

  • ©Byron Lahey, Sky Asay, Robert Berg, Jessica Borchetta, John Brock, Gene Cooper, Claas Kuhnen, Rosemary Mifsud, Gerry Derksen, Angela Eberhardt, Christopher (Chris) Evans, Isa Gordon, Brock Ramirez, Carlo Sammarco, Osha Makai Smith, Scott Starrett, and Scott Van Note


    The Process team helps attendees manipulate data and projects that use information of all kinds to generate dynamic content. The team provides opportunities to compute creatively and shape existing content in areas such as animation, 3D design, image manipulation, sound, open-source software, script-based 3D form generation, and video production. Processed data are prepared for any of a number of production and display technologies in the studio.

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