“Building an Empire: Asset Production in Ryse” by Evans, Martinsson and Herfort

  • ©Christopher (Chris) Evans, Lars Martinsson, and Sascha Herfort



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    Building an Empire: Asset Production in Ryse

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    With Ryse: Son of Rome, Crytek was literally building the plane while flying it. Working directly with Microsoft, Crytek artists and engineers routinely pushed the early Xbox One hardware to its breaking point. This course reviews the decisions made and experience gained during development of the character-focused Xbox One launch title. Crytek’s cross-disciplinary team has a unique background in games and film, and a pipeline was  built to blend assets in and out of story sequences, melding the 90+ minutes of performance- capture linear storytelling with the 10+ hours of interactive gameplay. A special focus of the  course is on techniques appropriated from film production methodologies, such as cache-based pipelines for one-click integration of complex simulations and destruction, an in-engine virtual production performance-capture pipeline, FACS-based facial rigging and animation, runtime cloth and character physics, etc.  

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