SIGGRAPH 2015: Studio


    Creative Disruption

    The world is becoming more malleable by the day, with new tools, applications, and methods to create, craft, build, and share. The Studio focuses on disruptive practices in the world of content creation. It presents projects from alternative fields that utilize and build new foundations in computer graphics – particularly those that extend beyond traditional screens and into the physical world through novel interactivity.


Studio Chair:


Areas of The Studio:

    Studio Central
    In Studio Central, attendees work together on a variety of projects, including the Kinetic Sculptures Contest or unique paper animations. Attendees can also spend additional time with tools and software that they explored during a course, including Unity, Unreal Engine, or Substance Designer. There’s always someone in Studio Central to answer questions and help with the wide variety of amazing Studio projects.

    Computer Classroom for Courses
    With computers donated by Intel, attendees can participate in a broad range of hands-on courses, from the latest and greatest in computer graphics software to unique opportunities in designing and programming custom machines and controllers.

    This is the hub for all 2D printing at the Studio. Attendees can make new work with Macs and Wacom tablets or open finished work, then print it out on a variety of media (paper, canvas, t-shirt). With donations support from Epson, the Studio offers a t-shirt printer, which is connected to the T-Shirt Design Competition.

    3D Tool Shed
    Explore the latest and greatest in 3D printing, CNC milling, laser cutting, and more, with tools donated by leaders in 3D hardware technology. In both open-ended and guided projects, the 3D Tool Shed offers hands-on experience with advanced machines, so attendees can take home objects they create at SIGGRAPH 2015.

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