“MOR4R: Microwave Oven Recipes for Resins” by Yasu

  • ©Kentaro Yasu



    MOR4R: Microwave Oven Recipes for Resins



    This research presents a technique to make an acrylic (PMMA: polymethylmethacrylate) 3D craft using common home electronic equipment, a microwave oven. Though personal fabrication is growing widely popular by the price reduction of digital fabrication tools, the installation of laser cutter at home is still difficult because of issues of safety and health. By pasting properly sized susceptor sheet to the PMMA, and microwaving it about 3 minutes with 800W, the only part where the susceptor is pasted becomes soft enough to bend and cut. The selectability of heating spot allows the creator to form a rigid shape, in the way like folding an origami.


    This research is supported by the National Research Foundation, Prime Minister’s Office, Singapore under its International Research Centre @ Singapore Funding Initiative and administered by the Interactive and Digital Media Programme Office.


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