Steve Rotenberg

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  • SIGGRAPH 1996

    Steve Rotenberg joined Angel Studios in the fall of 1992 to redesign and expand Angel Studios’ proprietary 3D animation software and is now Angel Studios’ Director of Software Development. Having embarked on his programming career at the age of six, Steve has amassed extensive experience designing software for a variety of platforms. During the past  two years, Steve’s natural interest in problem solving and his object-oriented approach to software design has proven integral to Angel Studios’ development of ANGEL ARTS(tm),  advanced real-time software for both the location-based and home entertainment markets.  Using his invaluable experience in such software development, Steve has led teams in developing VR experiences such as Dr. Megow’s Mad Cap Ornithon and F-1 Net Race and, more recently, Buggie Boogie for Nintendo’s next generation home game platform, the Ultra 64.  


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