Karin Schminke: Xrossings: Tidal Pool

  • ©2000, Karin Schminke



    Xrossings: Tidal Pool


Creation Year:



    Center panel: 3D lenticular; Outer panels: mixed media (acrylic paint, collage and digital print transfer)


    32 inches x 32 inches


Artist Statement:

    “Tidal Pool” endeavors to bring the viewer into an intimate experience of nature. Subtle textures and patterns are interwoven in a complex manner that is reminiscent of the natural world. The sense of discovery when coming upon a tidal pool is recreated by the dimensional shift encased in the lenticular center panel. Suddenly, the view beneath the surface is exposed for exploration. The illusion of real depth invites viewers to linger and explore, as their movements in front of the image effect their view of the image. The audience employs their own perspective in resolving the elements presented. In this way the work becomes a focus of contemplation and meditation, mirroring the role of nature in our lives.