Leslie Sobel: Sarah- Dancing Reflections

  • ©2000, Leslie Sobel



    Sarah- Dancing Reflections


Creation Year:



    Original digital print, Epson 3000 with Lysonic E ink on Somerset Velvet enhanced paper


    23 inches x 29 inches


Artist Statement:

    My work starts with photography altered through digital media, painting, drawing, and collage. I have been involved in the field of adaptive/evolutionary computing for many years and have tried to bring the ideas used in that area to bear in my art. Therefore I am interested in seriality, in recursive evolution, and change of ideas and forms. I work in series – exploring an idea as it evolves and changes.

    The current series of prints are all based on digital video shot at 48 Hours of Making Art, a residency at Lake Erie College sponsored by the Ohio Arts Council. I attended 48 Hours in October 2000 and worked with a dancer, Sarah Morrison, shooting her improvisational performances with a digital video camera. Frames from Sarah’s performance evolved into a set of digital prints. Sarah danced draped in large sheets of fabric, making her figure both anonymous and archetypal. I find that working with video images enables me to explore ideas about the figure, about movement, and seriality in a way that has not been possible when starting from still images.

    My work is shaped by my interest in complexity, biological-based computing, and the relationship of my media to working directly on paper. My art integrates photography and digital manipulation of images with painting and drawing or virtual simulation of traditional media. I believe that the combination of media better allows me to capture the complexity and ambiguity of modern life. For better or worse, our perception of the world is colored by life in an interconnected technological society. By integrating a highly technological set of image manipulations with more traditional paint on paper and photography, I comment upon the way technology alters our perception of reality.



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