Jessica Maloney: Disoriented but not Confused

  • ©2001, Jessica Maloney



    Disoriented but not Confused


Creation Year:



    Iris Print


    17.5 inches x 15 inches


Artist Statement:

    We all sometimes feel overwhelmed by the various aspects of our lives. It is only natural to, at some point in time, start to wonder where we really belong. This piece speaks of the various layers that make up our existence. Social, moral, spiritual, and emotional layers, along with many others, combine to form who we are.

    Connecting with the outside world is essential in life. The wires shown in the image are going in and out of the mind. These wires are carriers of energy and information. We are constantly taking outside experiences and bringing them in, building more layers.

    It becomes hard to make sense of all the information because the layers become so meshed and intertwined. Although it is often difficult to see past the mass of layers, we must try. We may not know where we belong at the moment and what it is that we are meant to do, but we should never give up hope. When one takes a step back and looks at the overall picture (in other words: life), one can see that there is an undeniable consistency and overall beauty throughout.