Jessica Maloney: Intertwined: Person, Place, and Time

  • ©2007, Jessica Maloney



    Intertwined: Person, Place, and Time


Creation Year:



    2D print collaged with a map, found text, beeswax, and oil pastels


    38 inches x 36 inches x 2 inches


Artist Statement:

    The journey of the spirit is woven through this piece. A weathered house is shown, the gaping holes in its wooden exterior allowing the elements in. Clearly, this structure is no longer a home, but is in the process of fading into history. The stories once played out inside its walls are slowly getting lost in time. The house exists in a field, and the wide-open space is a perfect image of memory, expansive
    and exhausting. Yet overlapping and perhaps entwined with this memory field are the organic lines of a map. The map twists and turns across the surface, intersecting with the house itself, to create yet more holes in its structure. We normally associate maps with places, travel, and clarity. The map in this work blends all of these associations with layered histories, emphasizing the overlapping nature of our lives and the underlying network of connections.

Technical Information:

    Jessica Maloney works with digital and traditional techniques to create two-dimensional images. She begins by collecting source material, which can consist of photographs she has taken, found objects, found text, or a combination of the three. She then scans all the images and objects that she plans to use and opens them in Adobe Photoshop to begin creation of the image. In Photoshop, she manipulates the scans, rearranges elements, and selectively changes areas of the image until it feels right. Sometimes her composition
    is planned in advance, but most often it evolves and resolves itself as she works on the image on screen. When the work is final, it is printed as an archival print using a Hewlett
    Packard 5500 large-format printer and further manipulated with mixed media.