Jessica Maloney: Ask Yourself

  • ©2000, Jessica Maloney



    Ask Yourself


Creation Year:



    Iris print


    27 inches x 23 inches


Artist Statement:

    The key is often a mystical symbol sometimes referring to the unconscious world. It has been known to represent discovery, possibilities, and answers. The image I created depicts several keys all attached to separate wires. The largest key (in the foreground) focuses our attention on the detailed glass structure of the key itself. Many keys mean many possibilities. In life there are various paths that present themselves to us. The question is which one should we choose to follow, or should we even follow a beaten path at all? When keys are held out before us there are a number of questions that arise. Who is holding the key? Is it out of reach? Which one do you take and how do you grasp it? It is necessary to ask these questions because as opportunities present themselves we must be aware of the sacrifices that are attached to them. Wires are attached to the keys because in a way, although keys can be the link to freedom and happiness, they can also have other meanings. The wires represent restrictions. As we make decisions in life we have to make sure that we are being true to ourselves. It is often tempting to follow in another’s footsteps or take someone else’s advice. We must choose the key that is ingrained within ourselves, not one that is attached to the ideals of others.