Robert J. Krawczyk: Curving Spirolaterals

  • ©2001, Robert J. Krawczyk

  • ©2001, Robert J. Krawczyk

  • ©2001, Robert J. Krawczyk

  • ©2001, Robert J. Krawczyk



    Curving Spirolaterals


Creation Year:



    Laserjet print


    4 inches x 4 inches


Artist Statement:

    Algorithmic generators and transformations are used to develop a series of designs that at one time elicit images of a far-off future, while at the same time remind me of past ritual icons and patterns. The starting linear and resulting curving forms remind me of the past as the lack of color and the sharp edges envision one possible future.

    The series of images included are part of a larger series investigating the formation of2D designs leading to 3D architectural forms using basic mathematical concepts. This series is based on a mathematical figure called a “spirolateral.” These images are based on “spirolaterals” that are curved by antiMercator, circular, and inversion transformations.

    My interest is to investigate methods that can develop forms which are in one sense predictable, but have the element to generate the unexpected: the unexpected in a predictable way. The custom software becomes the instructions for producing the work itself. My primary focus is to develop methods and instructions and leave the production to the computer. This approach allows variations to be investigated in a repeatable way, thus enabling me to fine tune an idea by repetition. An interesting aspect of this method is that variations may be discovered by others which I have never seen. An interactive version of this series is located at ~ bitart.

    It is important to me not to hide the technology and the mathematical basis on which this piece is based. There is a natural beauty that should be seen, one that does not require color or context. I believe that they are powerful enough to stand on their own.