W. Bradford Paley

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  • Digital Image Design Incorporated


  • New York City, New York, United States of America


  • W. Bradford Paley is a recognized innovator in the fields of interface design, scientific visualization, and information presentation. After graduating with Phi Beta Kappa honors from University of California Berkeley in 1981, Mr. Paley did computer animation for advertising. Finding production tools almost non-existent he began writing his own, soon realizing that building a comfortable tool was more challenging and interesting than doing the animation itself. Building computer interfaces became his career. He founded Digital Image Design Incorporated in 1982, a company devoted to the task of creating comfortable, clear user interfaces and visual interpretations of data.

    His interests include art history, experimental (structuralist) film, hiking and camping, canoeing, in-line skating, perceptual psychophysics, cognitive psychology, jazz, and modern classical music.

    Paley’s installations such as Worms, an installation of behavioral animation on Atari computer (1985); Ripples and Sparks, two flat panel interactive “toys”; Mind’Space, all interactive information design; and Unforgiving Memory Summit, first presentation of TextMap (now TextArc), have been displayed at such prestigious venues as the New
    York Stock Exchange, Columbia University, MoMo, and the Banff Centre for the Arts.


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