Robin Thompkins

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  • Electronic Arts


  • 2004 SIGGRAPH

    Robin Thompkins currently consulting at Electronic Arts Los Angeles as a Senior Staffing Specialist in charge of hiring art talent, in addition to EALA’s internship program. Prior to EA, as a consultant at Digital Domain in Venice, Robin supervised the hiring of Visual Effects Supervisors and Senior Inferno Artists for DD’s commercial division. She was appointed senior staffing manager at Cinesite Hollywood in 2001. At Sony Pictures Imageworks in Culver City, Robin was director of staffing – responsible for supervising a world-wide recruiting effort. In her six years at Imageworks, Thompkins filled more than 200 core staff positions and numerous hires for specific films.

    As a staffing consultant and corporate recruiter, Robin’s clients included Sun America, Canon Information Systems and The Walt Disney Company. Robin has been certified by the American Management Association (AMA) in fundamentals of human resource management.

    “As a Senior Recruiter in both the VFX and Game industries, when it comes to students, I’m always surprised that they rely on their talent and accomplishments in art and technology to carry them through the interview process. Students need to consider the interview as interactive, which means they need to research the proper questions to ask. This helps us to determine their professional maturity and their ability to work on production teams with challenging deadlines.

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