“Preparing Students for Job Hunting in the High-End CG Industries” by Blanchard, Milnes, McCullough, Szymanski, Grassi, et al. …

  • ©Debra Blanchard, Kathleen Milnes, Barbara McCullough, Stan Szymanski, Peter Grassi, Jeff Hazelton, and Robin Thompkins




    Preparing Students for Job Hunting in the High-End CG Industries




    Schools have gotten much better at educating students in the technical and academic skills necessary to succeed in careers in high-end computer graphics. Of course before an individual can succeed in a career, they must find employment. Unfortunately, many academic institutions do not supply their students with the tools necessary to find that first job.

    This panel will address what those tools are and how important they are to an individual’s success in obtaining employment. Skills to be addressed will range from researching prospective employers, what makes a winnning demo reel and resume, self promotion and interview and negotiation skills.

    Panelists will include professionals who earn their keep in these industries; recruiters, production supervisors, and executives. These are the people who decide those who gets interviewed and those who don’t. They are all also actively involved in education.


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