Peter Grassi

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  • Electronic Arts


  • SIGGRAPH 2004

    Peter Grassi, Artistic Recruiter, Electronic Arts, Los Angeles. A graduate of the Theater Arts program of Santa Clara University, Peter entered the field of digital graphics as a Technical Artist for Metropolis Digital in 1993. Peter continued his technical development as an in-house Technical Editor for Xaos Inc., the pioneering graphics facility that developed proprietary particle and effects software under Xaos Tools. His experience managing artists led to a role in production management on Shrek for PDI. For two years, he helped manage the team of texture artists and modelers that were responsible for building the photo-real environments and characters in the award-winning production. After DreamWorks, Peter went on to become an Executive Account Manager for Ice Pond Studio, in New York. His work culminated in his current position as Senior Art Recruiter for EA Los Angeles.

    “In my role as Senior Art Recruiter, I am responsible for sourcing key contributors in the areas of Game Design, Animation/Art and Production Design from the Interactive, Film and Collegiate communities. As Electronic Arts is a leading evolving technology company with proprietary tools for advanced game development, I specifically recruit individuals with a deep artistic and technical foundation for future growth.”

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