Jeff Hazelton

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  • BioLucid


  • SIGGRAPH 2004

    Jeff Hazelton, President, BioLucid Productions, the quality leader in the creation of 3D cinematic animation for the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical marketplace. Using the latest special effects technology and techniques, BioLucid prides itself on both the scientific accuracy of the animations they produce as well as the clarity and attractive style of the finished animation.

    BioLucid has been creating cutting edge animation for three years for all different types of BioTechnology and Pharmaceutical clients, from small start ups to big pharma. Jeff Hazelton, the founder of BioLucid, has been creating medical animation since 1995. Jeff is supported by a full-time staff of highly trained 3D animators, and also works with music composers and sound effects artists to elevate both the audio and visual presentations they create to new levels with each subsequent project.

    “Students who wish to find a rewarding job in high-end CG must first display the commitment and skills required, as well as the interest level to carry then through the times ahead. These skills require the individual have strong collaborative skills in addition to a high level of artistic and technical ability. Versatility is something that will always work to a student’s advantage, so I would recommend broadening one’s capabilities to the greatest extent possible. Often what a student focuses on in school will not be applicable to their first opportunity in the real world, if so than that is a very fortunate coincidence.”


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