Peter K. Doenges

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  • Evans and Sutherland Computer Corporation, Manager


  • SIGGRAPH1985

    Pete Doenges is Manager of New Business Development associated with Simulation Technology at Evans and Sutherland (E&S). He is responsible for certain advanced technology, new product, system integration, new business, and strategic planning projects aimed at broadening the application of E&S Computer Image Generation (CIG) and related technologies beyond traditional areas. Pete has been involved with algorithm/architecture research, hardware/software product development, systems engineering, marketing, and business management associated with CIG technology for over 15 years, initially with General Electric Co. (GE) and then with E&S.  

    Starting in 1969, Pete joined GE’s Electronics Laboratory and contributed to early CIG work there. Project contributions included hardware enhancement of NASA’s early CIG inventory, animation software and production tasks for the CIG-based Shuttle operations concept film “1984”, and CIG software generalization of collision detection and hidden-surface priority associated with Shuttle manipulator arm studies. He also contributed to hardware/software enhancements of GE’s Computed Display Research Facility and to ·several CIG system design studies and related proposal generation.  

    Pete subsequently joined the System Design unit of GE’s Apollo Ground Systems. There he worked on algorithm/architecture definition and hardware design of the Frame II portion of the USAF ASUPT CIG system. He also led or contributed to several system design and proposal studies including CIG approaches to air traffic tower simulation and the potential use of a CDC STAR computer as a component of a hybrid CIG system.  

    On joining E&S in 1973, Pete was responsible for system design studies and subsequent project engineering through system delivery for the database management and geometric processing hardware of the CT2 CIG system for the U.S. Maritime Administration’s CAORF shipbridge simulator. He also contributed to system engineering and proposal activities associated with several high-performance CIG requirements including proposals for the NTEC VTRS AWAVS sys tern, the F-111 visual systems, and the pilot training visual for Lufthansa Airlines. Pete then turned to product development associated principally with the NOVOVIEW product series, managing the NOVOVIEW 6000 product upgrade; the Point Light Processor of the CT4 system for Lufthansa Airlines; the SPI product development; and finally marketing support, systems engineering, production coordination, sustaining engineering and product support associated with the NOVOVIEW business. 

    From the latter 1970s through the early 1980s, Pete was Manager of Systems Engineering. He was responsible for a variety of military and commercial, proposal and systems engineering efforts involving CT5 and NOVOVIEW SPl through SP3T, including CIG requirements for trainers associated with C-5/C-141, A-7/F-4. UPT, the FAA Phase II and III applications of NOVOVIEW SPl and SP3, Trident/SPAN and AVEOSS periscope visuals, Roland, AV-8B, F-18, AH-lT, F-15, and Shuttle as well as engineering visuals for AMRL B-52 SACOEF, Boeing Computer Services. General Dynamics, NASA Ames ACAVS, Northrop, and the Daimler-Benz driving simulator. Pete was also responsible for architecture/algorithm development in support of CTS and texture in SP3T; assessment of CIG compatibility with advanced displays such as laser and CRT projectors; exploratory custom VLSI chip development for CIG; and marketing strategy and development planning for new CIG products. 

    Prior to his current assignment, Pete was Manager of Engineering & Special Visual Products, a simulation business group tuned to the specific needs of engineering customers and unusual training applications of CIG systems. 

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