Bianca Falcidieno

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  • Institute of Applied Mathematics and Information Technologies (IMATI), Research Director


  • SIGGRAPH 2012

    Bianca Falcidieno is a Research Director at the Institute of Applied Mathematics and Information Technologies (IMATI) of the National Research Council (CNR) of Italy. She is the Responsible for the Genova branch of IMATI (RUOS) and the President of the CNR Research Area of Genova. She has been leading and coordinating research at international level in advanced and interdisciplinary fields, including Computational Mathematics, Computer Graphics, Multidimensional Media and Knowledge Technologies. She coordinated various international and national projects, including the EU Network of Excellence AIM@SHAPE (2004-2008), the EU Coordination Action FOCUS K3D (2008-2010), the Italy-Israel project FIRB SHALOM (2006-2009). Bianca Falcidieno is the author of over 200 scientific refereed papers and books. She was in charge of several international commitments, including editorial tasks and the chairing or co-chairing of events such as the IEEE Conference on Shape Modeling International (SMI, France 2010) and the Conference on Semantics and digital Media Technology (SAMT, Italy 2007). She is the editor in chief of the International Journal of Shape Modelling (World Scientific). In her training activity, she supervised several researchers, while taking care of the guidance and training of PhD and master students, both Italians and foreigners, by teaching courses and supervising theses and doctoral activities, both in Italy and abroad, on Applied Mathematics and Information Technologies. For the 80th CNR anniversary, she was included in the 12 top-level female researchers in the CNR history. In 2011 Bianca Falcidieno was elected to a Fellowship of the EUROGRAPHICS Association in recognition of her scientific contribution to the advancement of Computer Graphics.  

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