“HDRI and Image-Based Lighting” by Debevec, Bogart, McGaugh and Ward

  • ©Rod G. Bogart, Ken McGaugh, and Gregory J. Ward


Entry Number: 19


    HDRI and Image-Based Lighting



    Some experience with a traditional modeling/rendering package, such as 3DS Max, LightWave, Maya, or XSI, and some familiarity with basic lighting and compositing. Not required: advanced ray tracing or global illumination knowledge.

    High-dynamic-range photography, lighting acquisition, image-based lighting and compositing, real-time techniques, and ongoing research in illuminating real people and objects with sampled light. Use of these techniques in actual productions with particular software pipelines and the required basics of light reflection and global illumination.

    Lighting CG scenes with captured real-world light can increase realism and help integrate computer-generated and real-world imagery. This course teaches the theory behind HDRI and IBL and presents practical production-ready techniques for applying them. It includes high-dynamic-range imagery, light probes, global illumination, approximation methods, and IBL-based live-action compositing.

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