“HDTV (HI-VISION) Computer Graphics” Moderated by Koichi Omura, Ryou Mochizuki, Hideichi Tamegaya, Yoichiro Kawaguchi and Don Miskowich

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    HDTV (HI-VISION) Computer Graphics


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    Transcript of the welcoming speech:
    Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. We’ll begin the panel session — HDTV Computer Graphics. I am Koichi Omura at Osaka Municipal University. I am the chair of this panel. At first I’d like to thank SIGGRAPH, giving us the opportunity speaking today.The first presentation is by Mr. Ryou Mochizuki. He is the controller of NHK Engineering Service Corporation. He will discuss the compact disc application of HDTV, and after that he will present the brief introduction of HDTV.

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