1981 Panels 01 Custom VLSI Chips for Graphics

“Custom VLSI Chips for Graphics” Moderated by

1982 Panel 03 Presidents_ Forum

“Presidents’ Forum” Moderated by Carl Machover

1982 Panel 07 The Challenge of CAD_CAM Education

“The Challenge of CAD/CAM Education” Moderated by Michel A. Melkanoff

1983 Panels 06 Japanese Computer Graphics- Challenges and Opportunities

“Japanese Computer Graphics: Challenges and Opportunities” Moderated by Laurin Herr

1983 Panels 08 Artists Interfacing with Technology- Basic Concepts of Digital Creation

“Artists Interfacing with Technology: Basic Concepts of Digital Creation” Moderated by Frank Dietrich

1984 Panel 01 Computer-Integrated Manufacturing in Japan

“Computer-Integrated Manufacturing in Japan” Moderated by Tosiyasu L. Kunii

1984 Panel 02 Computing in the Fast Lane- Super-systems for Computer Graphics

“Computing in The Fast Lane: Super-Systems for Computer Graphics” Moderated by Richard A. Weinberg

1984 Panel 04 International Technology Transfer

“International Technology Transfer” Moderated by Carl Machover

1984 Panel 03 A Retrospect- Six Perennial Issues in Computer Graphics

“A Retrospective: Six Perennial Issues in Computer Graphics” Moderated by Robert (Bob) M. Dunn

1984 Panel 05 International Market Opportunities

“International Market Opportunities” Moderated by Philip G. Husby

1984 Panel 06 Trends in Semiconductor Hardware for Graphic Systems

“Trends in Semiconductor Hardware for Graphics Systems” Moderated by Henry Fuchs

1984 Panel 07 Microcomputer Graphics

“Microcomputer Graphics” Moderated by Howard Pearlmutter

1984 Panel 08 Computer Graphics in Commercial and Broadcast Production

“Computer Graphics in Commercial and Broadcast Production” Moderated by Carl Rosendahl

1984 Panel 10 The Storage, Retrieval and Display of Integrated Graphics and Text

“The Storage, Retrieval and Display of Integrated Graphics and Text” Moderated by Rae A. Earnshaw

1984 Panel 09 Role and Reality of Graphics Standards

“Role and Reality of Graphics Standards” Moderated by James (Jim) R. Warner

1984 Panel 11 Computer Graphics Research in Japanese Universities

“Computer Graphics Research in Japanese Universities” Moderated by Laurin Herr

1985 Panel 01 Perspective Computer Graphics in Europe and Japan

“Perspective-Computer Graphics in Europe and Japan” Moderated by Jose Luis Encarnação, Tosiyasu L. Kunii and Bertram Herzog

1985 Panel 03 Sizing the Market Where do All Those Numbers Come From

“Sizing the Market: Where do All Those Numbers Come From?” Moderated by Carl Machover

1985 Panel 02 Issues at the Interface An Historical Trace of Prompting Concurrency Signification and Ease of Use

“Issues at the Interface: An Historical Trace of Prompting, Concurrency, Signification and Ease of Use” Moderated by Robert (Bob) M. Dunn

1985 Panel 04 Animated Computer Graphics in Television Broadcasting

“Animated Computer Graphics in Television Broadcasting” Moderated by Christine Barton and Carl Rosendahl

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