SIGGRAPH 1997: Sketches

Sketches Chair:

Administrative Assistant:


    This was the fourth year for the Sketches program, and it is evolving like a large, collaborative sketch or drawing. Each year, the contributors and Sketches committee members add new vision and form, redefine pieces, and add more detail to the drawing.

    Andrew Glassner created Technical Sketches in 1994. Art & Design Sketches were added in 1995, and, in 1996, Animation Sketches. This year, Applications became a type of Sketch, instead of a separate program.

    Sketches have something for everyone and provide an opportunity for intermixing ideas among people from all areas of the SIGGRAPH community. Just like the Creative Applications Laboratory, Sketches provide a common tie between the technical programs, Ongoings: The Fine Arts Gallery, and the Computer Animation Festival, bringing artists, animators, designers, programmers, technical directors, and researchers together.

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