SIGGRAPH Collectible Playing Cards

SIGGRAPH 50th Conference Collectible Playing Cards


A Loren Carpenter

Around 1967 Carpenter began work at Boeing Computer Services and implemented computer technology to improve Boeing’s mechanical design processes. On July 14, 1980, he gave a presentation at the SIGGRAPH conference, in which he showed “Vol Libre”, a 2-minute computer generated movie. This showcased his software for generating and rendering fractally generated landscapes, and was met with a standing ovation, and he was immediately invited to work at Lucasfilm’s Computer Division which would become Pixar. Loren was a co-founder and chief scientist of Pixar Animation Studios. He worked on the “genesis effect” scene of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, which featured an entire fractally-landscaped planet. He is the co-inventor of the Reyes rendering algorithm and is one of the authors of the PhotoRealistic RenderMan software which implements Reyes and renders all of Pixar’s movies. Carpenter also invented the A-buffer hidden surface determination algorithm. Following Disney’s acquisition of Pixar, Carpenter became a Senior Research Scientist at Disney Research. Carpenter and his wife Rachel also founded Cinematrix, a company that researches computer-assisted interactive audience participation.

K Jim Blind

Q Maxine Brown

J Norm Badler

10 Ed Catmull

9 Tom Defanti

8 Jim Foley

7 Don Greenberg

6 Pat Hanrahan

5 Alvy Ray Smith

4 Ivan E. Sutherland

3 Andries van Dam

2 Turner Whitted


A Harold Cohen

K Charles Csuri

Q Donna Cox

J David Em

10 Darcy Gerbarg

9 Copper Giloth

8 Jean-Pierre Hébert

7 Yoichiro Kawaguchi

6 Patric Prince

5 Vibeke Sorensen

4 Joan Truckenbrod

3 Roman Verostko

2 Edward Zajec

Coordinated by: Bonnie Mitchell, Erin Main & Elaheh Afroozan

Erin Main
Elaheh Afroozan
Seth Demeter
Rachel Krieger
Drew Stiles
Noah Taylor
Lizzy Varis
Stephanie Vento

Special thanks to:
Bryanna Liptak
L Sengsourichanh
Hannah Mesenburg
Keije’ Brown
Alexa Mahajan
Joseph Symons
Sam Nunoo

Previous game play design (not currently used): John NA Brown

This deck contains computer graphics pioneers from the early years of SIGGRAPH that made a significant contribution to the field in both art and technical fields. 

There are so many other amazing people that we hope to include in future decks.