Yuichiro Katsumoto

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  • Tokyo Denki University, School of Science and Engineering, Educator

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  • Katsumotoy


  • Gifu, Japan



  • SIGGRAPH 2020

    Katsumoto Yuichiro is an artist of gadget making and an educator. He is strongly interested in “Utsuroi” that means “passage”, “transition”, “moving”, and “morphing” in Japanese. By interpreting Utsuroi, he keeps inventing gadgets since his student days. From 2016, he focuses on “lines” as medium of his creation. He studied a video production and an interaction design at Keio University, Japan. After getting PhD, he moved to Singapore and worked R&D at National University of Singapore for eight years. In October 2018, he came back to Japan and started his own studio “Katsumotoy”. In April 2019, he also joined Tokyo Denki University School of Science and Engineering as assistant professor and launched “The Utsuroi Lab”.

    SIGGRAPH Asia 2018

    Yuichiro Katsumoto is a gadget maker based in Gifu, Japan. He studied video production and interaction design at Keio University, SFC. After completing the doctoral course, he moved to Singapore and worked at National University of Singapore to R&D about novel interfaces and toys for eight years. He thinks the art is in our playful daily life. He therefore has been making gadgets since 2006 by utilize the abilities acquired through his career. His works have been exhibited various venues such as SIGGRAPH, Ars Electronica, and Japan Media Arts Festival.

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